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We are Finame; a new disruptive regulated broker designed and built to be the home of all financial leaders across the globe.

Set up to better suit all traders from all levels, coming from financial advisors anywhere.

Join us & Trade easily, follow your advisor, get financial signals* from us and get your portfolio managed by our experts.

Join Finame - All You Need to Trade

Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Commodities

  • Tight Spreads
  • Nessuna commissione aggiunta
  • No dealing desk intervention

Safety & Trust

  • Money withdraw bank guarantee in 72 hours
  • Your money is held with top-tier banks
  • We never engage in proprietary trading
  • No hidden charges

Trade with our Strategies

Designed to deal with

Choose from our top investors strategies: Safe, Dynamic, Opus & more.
Trading strategies overcome misjudgments.
We call it Trade by Wire: choose a strategy & forget about it. All trades will be auto copied to your portfolio.

Our trading strategies are developed by our top investors.

Choose from different strategies:

Safe Strategy:

Risk profile: 1

History of 1 % monthly return on average

Max pending loss (Drawdown) 8.29%

Dynamic Strategy:

Risk profile: 3

History of 2 % monthly return on average

Max pending loss (Drawdown) 24.81%

And many more

PAMM Strategies

Exclusively for our traders we suggest the following strategies managed by our head of trading:

Strategy 1
Dynamic Strategy
Strategy 2
Dynamic Strategy boosted
Strategy 3
Opus strategy
Strategy 4
Opus strategy boosted
Strategy 5
Opus strategy ultimate

Opus strategies cap according to structure allocation 60/30/10 for PAMM 3,4,5.

A detailed explanation will be handed over before signing to each strategy.

*T&C apply

Why Us

In 3 words: Trust, Prices, Service

Full trading experience
Emphasis on key values for best trading experience
Quick executions and low spreads
PAMM accounts managed by our most experienced traders
Be among professionals

Our Story

Our story begins with identifying what we considered as market needs: professional broker, business orientations and leaders’ approach. 

During these years we experienced the high and lows of the industry.
Learning and studying what is the best way to build a financial broker.

We learned what is important for the trader and for the investor;

What is important for our team, our regulation, basically anyone we work with.

Taking this vast experience, partnership and good faith – we have combined it all to one place we now call: Finame.com.

This is our beginning with what we see as the best broker, most trusted that will give personal attention to each customer.

Our Vision

Champion an environment of honesty, trust, transparency, fairness and high moral standards.
Embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes.
Strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.
To build strong relationships and alliances to achieve success for the long term.
To be the leading broker for all market leaders, in technology, service providing and support.
To enhance and promote our services.


Trust, Professionalism and  User Experience

Enjoy the
Act with integrity
Be humble

Love what we do, and create our brand with added value for both our customers and for us